Dinosaur Digs:  Dinosaurs still rule the earth!
Most children love dinosaurs and what could be better than to uncover one? The Dinosaur Digs are built to scale in a glass fibre-reinforced concrete matrix to form the dig site. Each and every site will stand up to any climate or weather conditions. You could say they will last longer than the original dinosaurs. Parts of the skeleton protrude from the sand it is buried in to grab the attention of the child who then starts digging! Exploration Playgrounds are built to last and their quality and value will never become ‘extinct’.

If you are looking for a particular specimen dig site that is not in our product line we can develop it for you. Through our parent company, we have access to 170 specimens from which we can create individual fossil bones. These bones can be embedded on site by the client or in a custom site made in our facility. Our dinosaur skeletons range from four feet in diameter to a full 35 foot long, 13 foot wide T-Rex. A plaque next to the site identifies the individual bones and maps their location so mini Palaeontologists and Archeologists can search for them. The plaque includes a brief history of the skeleton, the location where it was found, and the museum where the original dinosaur skeleton resides. We also have a series of dinosaur footprints that can either stand-alone or supplement a dinosaur dig.
Dinosaur Dig Sites include:  

Allosaurus Dig Site
Coelophysis Dig Site
Mastodon Dig Site
Stegosaurus Dig Site
Herrarasaurus Dig Site
T-Rex Dig Site
Parasaurolophus Dig Site
Protoceratops Dig Site
Sauropod and Theropod Footprints