Advanced Shooting Gallery is like an interactive Country Bear Jamboree! As folks play, they hear jokes from some characters and get teased by others; they're entertained by critters like dancing ducks and challenged by fast moving targets. Here's how it all unfolds. When players approach a shooting gallery, they're greeted with a simple set of instructions, and given a couple basic choices on how they want to play, and how much they want to spend.
 Next they're prompted to insert money, and press a start button. Using the arcade style gun, the player shoots easy to see targets with a safe, infra red (IR) beam of light. When a target is hit, it initiates various animatronic responses such as a simple fly-up can, a pair of dancing boots, a heckling crow, or a joke telling fox. Each animatronic response includes exciting, high quality digital sound effects that entertains guests, and attracts more players! If players push their skills and earn enough points, they can win a prize from our optional self redeeming prize dispensers or ticket dispensers.
Although they're competitively priced, Advanced shooting galleries are not built to be the cheapest. They're built to be THE MOST PROFITABLE ON THE MARKET. They're designed to bring their owners the fastest return on investment by:
   - attracting the most players and minimizing idle time
   - earning the most money per player
   - giving players reasons to play every time they visit your facility

   As you continue to read this brochure, you'll learn how DWL shooting galleries have set the bar above the competition by packing in several major innovations that work together to drive revenue to all time highs and entertain guests like a trip to Disneyland!


How Advanced Galleries Work

   Our proprietary shooting gallery system brings together the best of the interactive world with modern, solid state electronics to create a fun, versatile, and reliable experience.

   These electronics include powerful animatronic controllers that drive the industrial grade, pneumatic components. The system is modular in design so that each component works independently of others. Thus if a target or gun does fail, the rest of the gallery will continue to function properly in between service cycles.


   A central computer plays and mixes 5.1 surround sound in real time, tracks revenue, and provides a simple operator control console with parameters for play, pricing, attract mode and more.

Why are Advanced’s Shooting Galleries the Best

   DWL has revolutionized shooting galleries! There are other makers out there, but we're not trying to beat them at their own game. we're changing the rules altogether. Over the last 3 years, we've incorporated modern technologies with tried and true concepts from the amusement game world into our system in order to draw in players, captivate them, reinforce/reward them for playing, and, most of all, maximize revenue!


Exclusive features and innovations that our system offers:
   - Heckling Characters that tell jokes and tease the onlookers
   - Rotating Target Shows
   - Multi-Action Targets
   - Quick Shot Challenge
   - Self Redemption
   - Attract Mode
   - 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
   - Bonus Pricing Structure
   - 2 Ways to Play

Please take a moment to think about if you were to get a Advanced shooting gallery how big would it be? Where would you put it? What theme would you want? Then give us a call and we'll have an obligation free chat about how how a Advanced shooting gallery can benefit your facility and profit your bottom line!